Woman touching neck area in front of mirror

What Are Neck Lines and What Can You Do About Them?

Also known as necklace lines, neck lines can be one of the most frustrating, as well as visibly obvious, signs of aging. While you may not be able to completely remove them, there are still several steps that you can take to reduce the visibility and depth of neck lines,…

Beautiful woman in a pool

Top 8 Safe Tanning Tips

Many people out there consider tanned skin to be attractive, even though tanning comes with so many dangerous risks. Do you know exactly what a sun tan is? Well, when your body is exposed to the sun, it produces more melanin, which is the pigment that gives your skin its…

Woman with sunglasses facing the sun

Sun Exposure: The Good and The Bad

Ah, the sun. We all love it but, at the same time, we know it’s not exactly the healthiest thing for the body or skin. But the effects of the sun on your health are not always as black and white as they may seem. That’s why it’s useful to examine…

Applying a drop of acid to finger using dropper

10 Important Acids for Your Skincare Arsenal

These days, it seems impossible to talk to any skin care enthusiast without hearing never-ending praises about the alleged superpowers of cosmetic acids. So, what are these skin care super-chargers? And how are they able to contribute to a glowing complexion, exactly? Salicylic Acid This is one of the most…

Applying tiny coffee scrub particles to skin

What’s the Difference Between Chemical and Physical Exfoliants?

When it comes to a healthy and happy complexion, exfoliation is so important. Why? Because each and every second, skin cells on the surface of your skin die off, while new skin cells are produced in the deepest layers of your skin. In order to make way for these fresh…

Young woman consulting doctor on psoriasis on her elbow

Can Psoriasis Be Cured?

Psoriasis is a skin condition that usually manifests through redness, scales, dry and cracked skin. The symptoms can occur anywhere on the body; the most common areas of flare-ups are around the elbows, knees, but also on the scalp and lower back. In most cases, psoriasis is not anything to…

Happy mother and baby pressing their heads together

Essential Skin Care Tips for New Mothers

After nine months of pregnancy, you’ve finally given birth and your life has turned upside down. But even though most of your time now is occupied with feeding, changing nappies and putting your little one to sleep, you can still steal a couple of spare minutes to take care of…

Artistic rendering of free radical molecule

How to Defend Against Free Radicals

If you pay any attention to the world of health and wellness, perhaps you’ve come across the phrase “free radicals.” And it seems that these free radicals are virtually always mentioned in some kind of negative context. So, who are these wellness villains? What are Free Radicals? “Free radicals” is…

Woman checking skin in mirror

How to Care for Your Skin Type

Skin care types can generally be divided into four categories: dry, oily, sensitive and combination. Each of them requires a different kind of regimen when it comes to cleansing, toning and moisturizing. How can you tell which type your skin belongs to? Start by giving your face a good cleanse….

Woman looking at herself in mirror

8 Most Common Skin Problems and How to Deal with Them

Almost everybody has at least one skin issue that bothers them, and while you may think that you are alone in your worries, you actually likely share these with thousands of other people. From acne to wrinkles to sun spots, here are eight of the most common skin concerns out…