Tricky Skin Care Terms Explained

Have you ever heard a skin care-related term or phrase, but have no idea what it actually means? This guide will take you through the world of baffling skin care terminology, helping you to understand exactly what each term means, so that you are never kept in the dark again….


Vitamins in Your Skincare

Many skin care products are formulated to include a few different vitamins, and this is because of the incredible benefits that vitamins can bring to the skin. From vitamin A to vitamin E, this guide will help you to understand the skin-related differences between some of the most common vitamins…

woman applying alcohol on cotton pad

What’s Alcohol Doing in Your Skincare?

If you’ve ever taken a look at the ingredients label on the majority of skin care products out there, you are likely to have seen alcohol-based ingredients listed a couple of times. While you may not have paid much attention to this in the past, it is so important for…

food and supplement sources of essential fatty acids

Your Guide to Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are a term that you have probably heard thrown around quite a bit, because they are extremely important to the human body. If you are looking to give your health, as well as your skin, a bit of a boost, learning more about essential fatty acids could…

botanical extracts

All About Botanical Extracts

When it comes to skin care, botanicals are a term that you will hear thrown around quite a bit… But what exactly does this mean? From the way in which they work to the benefits that they bring to your skin, here is the lowdown on botanical extracts. What are…