Essential Skin Care Tips for New Mothers

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After nine months of pregnancy, you’ve finally given birth and your life has turned upside down. But even though most of your time now is occupied with feeding, changing nappies and putting your little one to sleep, you can still steal a couple of spare minutes to take care of your own needs.

And post-partum beauty routine doesn’t have to involve a bazillion products and time-consuming techniques, either. All you need to know is a couple of tips and tricks, and no one will be able to guess you haven’t caught a shut-eye in over two days.

With a couple of handy products and a bit of know-how, you will be able to devote yourself to your bundle of joy while still looking fresh and fabulous.

Take the Day Off

We all know that cleansing is one of the most important steps in any thought-out skin care regimen.

However, with a newborn on your hands, we’re sure the last thing you want to do is spend ages rubbing your face with various cleansing oils and washes.

And yet, it’s still important to remove all the grime that accumulates in your pores so you don’t end up with a ton of blackheads and pimples in the AM.

If you want to get over with it as quickly as possible, invest in a practical, yet effective cleansing product that will be able to take off all the makeup and dirt in one swipe.

To this end, facial wipes can be your best friend. Go for a product that’s enriched with moisturizing and anti-microbial ingredients to make sure to dislodge all the pollutants without robbing your skin of its natural moisture.

Another effective and practical cleansing product is micellar water, a French miracle that’s gentle on the skin, yet incredibly powerful at wiping off even the most stubborn of makeup.

Because of its delicate formula, it’s ideal for new moms whose skin tends to be on the more sensitive and irritation-prone side. 

Perk Up Your Under-eye Area

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, taking care of a newborn will inevitably result in sleepless nights, at least in the first couple of weeks after childbirth.

Sleep deficiency can manifest on your skin in a number of different ways; perhaps the most noticeable one are the dark, puffy circles that form around your eye area.

As much as you can’t avoid the lack of zzz’s when you’re taking care of your kiddo, you can still take a couple of preventive measure to secure a more awake, refreshed look.

For example, you can make your own DIY eye-cooling ice cubes. The evening before, take an ice tray and fill it up with water. Add a couple of leaves of fresh mint or cucumber cubes to up the soothing effect. Stick the tray in the freezer; in the morning, wrap up a cube or two into a delicate cloth and use it to massage your under-eye area in circular motions.

You can also use this technique to relieve puffiness on other areas of your face, as well.

A more straightforward way to soothe sleep-deprived eyes is to invest in cooling eye patches. You can keep these in the fridge and slap them on in the mornings or whenever you will like you need an extra jolt of freshness.

To nip the problem of tired eyes in the bud, apply a nourishing eye cream as a part of your evening skincare routine.

To maximize the effectiveness of your product, look out for formulas enriched with following ingredients:

These nutrients will help brighten up the under-eye area and settle any extra puffiness.

And for the added touch of luxury, go with a packaging that comes with a cooling metal roller.

Slip On a Sheet Mask

When your skin is looking less-than-great, chances are it’s not getting its optimal dose of moisture.

Of course, we all know the way to rectify that – just add more hydration!

However, who in the world has time for those extravagant 10-step skin care routines when you have a screaming newborn on your hands?

Not you, that’s who.

Still, there are ways you can pep your skin without a sea of products and time-consuming moisturizing techniques.

A fabulous cheat code for achieving plump and moisturized skin is to treat it with a sheet mask.

This revolutionary beauty product has completely transformed the way we think about moisturizing.

You no longer have to pile on essences, serums and creams in order to achieve a glowing result.

All you need is one of these babies and your skin will go from meh to marvelous in a matter of minutes. Simply take your mask out of its packaging, pop it on your face, then do whatever needs to done around your baby for about 15-20 minutes.

While you’re taking care of your tiny one, the nourishing essence the mask is soaked in will do its magic – penetrating deep into your pores and repairing them from within.

When you’re finished, remove the mask and pat the remaining product onto your skin.

You can also use the excess formula from the packaging to nourish your neck, arms and even legs.

Invest in a Handy Face Mist

There is another beauty tool that can help you return moisture into your cells in a matter of seconds: a refreshing face mist.

These handy formulas, which have taken the beauty world by storm, have been designed to bring precious H2O to your cells wherever, whenever.

Due to their incredibly lightweight formula, face mists can be applied to prime the skin, over your makeup or at just about any step of your usual skincare routine.

Moreover, you can simply slip it into your baby’s changing bag and spritz it even during your strolls.

Even though they feel virtually like water, face mists can still be packed with a host of skin-pepping ingredients. For worn-out, sleep-deprived face, look out for formulas infused with:

  • Lavender
  • Rosewater
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin E

This will help repair damaged skin, but also bring back its natural dewiness.

And if you can’t find the right kind of face mist in the drug store, you can also mix up a DIY version of it.

Keep Your Lips Soft

Even if you are taking good care of your face during those first few weeks of motherhood, it’s easy to slip up and forget about your lips.

However, it’s important to keep your pout hydrated, as well – after all, you want your little one to be showered with the softest kisses possible, right?

Unfortunately, nine months of pregnancy can have all kinds of wacky effects on your skin, hair, nails and – yes – even your lips.

You might find that they feel more dehydrated and flakier than usual.

No worries, this can be fixed pretty quickly, too!

The first thing you’ll need is a good lip scrub, which will remove all those dead cells and unravel the soft texture underneath.

You can get your hands on a store-bought lip scrub or simply make your own at home.

After you’ve exfoliated your lips, make sure to apply a generous coat of lip balm so as not to lose the moisture.

At bedtime, you can also treat your pout to a lip mask. Leave it on overnight and you will wake up with plump, soft-as-silk lips.

Protect Your Face From the Sun

Protecting your skin from the sun is paramount at any stage in life, but you might want to pay special attention to shielding your skin during pregnancy and after you’ve given birth.

Why is this the case?

During pregnancy, the hormones that circulate in your body might make your skin even more sensitive to sun’s harmful UV rays.

Luckily, providing a daily protective barrier for your skin is easy as peas and should take no more than a couple of minutes from your day.

All you need to have is a high-quality broad spectrum sunscreen. When it comes to SPF, go from 30 upwards just to be on the safe side.

You can apply your sunscreen at the very end of your skin care routine – i.e. after your moisturizer and before your makeup, in case you’re wearing any that day.

Don’t be shy when squeezing out the product – to provide decent protection for your face and neck, you will need about a tablespoon worth of sunscreen.

Slather it on any areas that will be exposed to the sun while you’re out and about.

You can also carry your sunscreen with you and reapply it whenever you feel like the protection has worn off.

Make BB Creams Your New Best Friend

Post-pregnancy skin and sleepless night may result in some pretty unseemly changes in your complexion – from dull appearance to occasional zits to full on hormonal breakouts.

Needless to say, the zombified postpartum face is not a good look.

And since few moms will go through the ordeal of applying a full beat days after giving birth (which is totally understandable), you can still take a couple of steps to ensure your skin tone is looking more balanced and uniformed.

The handiest tool to help you in this feat are the famed BB creams.

These amazing formulas, a god-send for low maintenance makeup approach, combine moisturizer, SPF and lightweight foundation all in one.

And the best thing about BB creams? They require no mirrors, beauty tools or obsessing over the exact matching shade.

You can simply squeeze out a small pump and use your fingers to apply it all over your face or only in the more problematic areas.

The result will be a natural, yet enhanced appearance of your skin with very little effort.

Go for Multitasking Makeup Products

When your life revolves around diapers, naps and feeding, it’s hard to find time or will to do a full-blown makeup look.

And yet, going around looking like a sleep-deprived mess isn’t exactly your idea of aesthetic, either.

The trick to looking fresh with no one knowing you spent less than 5 minutes on your makeup look is simply to reach for those products that can perform two, three or even four duties at once.

A good place to start with would be your concealer – get a quality one, and you will be able to correct your under-eye bags (always welcome), conceal blemishes and spots, but also highlight the high points of your face (center of the forehead, chin) for a more defined look.

A simple matte taupe or light brown eyeshadow can be a true miracle worker: it can be used as an eyebrow powder, a light contour product and a crease color to bring out your eyes.

On the other hand, a light champagne-colored shimmer can accentuate the inner corner of your eyes, highlight your cheekbones and your cupid’s bow, but also be applied to the center of your lips for a more pronounced pout.

And to give your face a flush of color, get a 2-in-1 lip and cheek product, which will not only be super-convenient to apply, it will also give you a more synchronized look.

In conclusion, no matter how busy your daily schedule gets, setting aside a couple of minutes for yourself will not only improve your looks, but your overall mood as well. This quick guide on how to perk up your skin during those first few weeks with your tiny tot should hopefully make your life at least a little easier.

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