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Orogold Ingredients – From The Lab

OROGOLD Ingredient - Green Tea Molecular StructureGreen Tea has been around for thousands of years, but until the past few decades, very few cultures knew about the wondrous skin care benefits that it has to offer. Green tea is full of a substance known as catechin polyphenols. This substance is famous for possessing extremely strong antioxidant and antibiotic properties. According to a study titled “Cancer-preventive effects of drinking green tea among a Japanese population” that took place in the year 1997, green tea is extremely useful in preventing cancer. Researchers have also flirted with the idea that green tea was very beneficial for those suffering from high levels of cholesterol. This was finally proved in a study titled “Metabolic effects of green tea and phases of weight loss” which appeared in Physiological Behavior in the year 2005.

Yet another study was conducted to evaluate a form of gren tea which was enriched with theaflavin. This study was a major 3 month trial and it resulted in a major reduction in the LDL cholesterol level when compared to placebo. Although, the double-blind study was considered to be somewhat flawed, it actually offered a lot of promise when it came to the effectiveness in reducing LDL levels. The answers were finally found in a follow up to the study that was conducted in the  year 2011. This follow up involved a large scale trial using a total of 1415 people and it offered hard core evidence that green tea catechins when taken for a total period of 3 – 24 weeks helped to reduce the cholesterol levels in the human body.

There is also some evidence, as pointed out in a study that appeared in Photochemistry Photobiology in the year 1999 as well as a study by K Tubesing, D Singh and CA Elmets that appeared in the year 2001, which suggests that some green tea polyphenols could help in treating sun damage. Green tea is not like the usual sun screen. It cannot manage to block the UV rays of the sun physically. But, what it can do is that it can internally help to protect the skin cells from the damage caused by UV light. However, an 8-week double-blind study conducted with a group of 40 women who were already showing signs of aging only found these benefits to be true in a microscopic evaluation of the skin.

OROGOLD Ingredient from the lab- Green TeaAnother interesting study about green tea appeared to show that green tea catechins were an effective means of preventing influenza. This study was a placebo-controlled, double-blind study which was conducted with the help of 124 residents in a Japanese nursing home. These participants received standard influenza vaccines and were given green tea catechins or placebo for a total of three months. The development of influenza on those who were on green tea was significantly lesser than those on placebo.

Although there is no concrete proof on the dosage that you should have, some studies weakly suggest that  about 3 cups of green tea a day could help you protect your skin from cancer. However, this dosage did not account for green tea extracts in pill form or in skin care solutions and beauty products.


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