How to Detox Your Body for Better Skin

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When impurities build up inside your body, this quickly affects the health and appearance of your skin. 


Well, a few of the skin signs that point to your body needing a detox include: 

  • A dull complexion with an unexplained loss of your natural glow 
  • A rough and uneven skin tone 
  • The acceleration of wrinkles and sagging skin 
  • Sudden dryness and sensitivities 
  • Sudden onset of oiliness

So, how exactly should you be detoxifying your body, and therefore your skin too? 

By following these steps: 

Begin With Your Diet

So many of the toxins that build up your body have been put there by the food that you eat. 

Not only does your diet feed you, but it feeds your skin too. So, if your diet isn’t healthy, or is lacking in any essential nutrients, then this will soon be reflected in your skin. 

Wondering how to detox your body through your diet? 

You need to cut out unhealthy, dehydrating foods, such as: 

  • Excessive salt, sugar and oil 
  • Candy and chocolates 
  • Deep-fried foods 
  • Animal fats 
  • Processed foods and meats 
  • Soda 

Make sure that you do this for at least one week in order for the differences to become visible in your skin! 

Ensuring that your diet doesn’t contain any of the above will definitely go a long way in helping your body to detox, but you can push this process along by increasing your consumption of fresh, whole foods. 

There are certain foods that actually promote the body’s detoxification process, such as: 

  • Healthy fats and oils – from avocados to extra virgin olive oil, these foods provide the body with the energy it needs in order to properly detox 
  • Proteins – these enable the detoxification pathways in the body to function properly 
  • Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds – these contain the fiber required by the body to eliminate toxins 

Use Water to Flush Out Toxins

You probably already know that water is crucial when it comes to eliminating waste from the body, so it only makes sense that you should be increasing your water intake when trying to detox. 

Try to drink one glass of water ten times a day, spacing this out throughout the day. 

Ideally, do this with a mineral water that contains calcium and magnesium, as these two minerals help in removing toxins from the body.

Bored of plain mineral water? 

There are other detox-friendly ways to hydrate your body too! 

Try carbonating the water and adding in some fresh fruit, or swap your glasses of plain water for some cups of a detox tea instead…

Detox Teas

There are many herbal teas out there that contain certain compounds that promote the body’s natural detoxification process. 

If you enjoy drinking herbal teas, here are a few to try while detoxing: 

  • Red Clover Tea – removes toxins from the blood, liver and lungs, while also being a great source of B vitamins and vitamin C 
  • Burdock Tea – encourages the elimination of toxins through the urine, cleaning out the blood and detoxifying the skin at the same time 
  • Milk Thistle Tea – your liver is key in the detoxification process, and milk thistle contains a compound that protects the cells in the liver while boosting the production of new cells 
  • Garlic Tea – cleanses the body and provides the liver with more of the nutrients it needs to detoxify 
  • Ginger Tea – not only promotes detoxification through sweat, but also improves circulation and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects

Minimize Your Exposure to Environmental Toxins

Unfortunately, in this day and age, some toxins can be pretty much impossible to avoid. 

If you live in a town or city, your body is being exposed to an extraordinary amount of pollutants on a daily basis, and anti-pollution skin care products can help your skin to deal with this. 

Speaking of skin care products…

So many cosmetics out there contain harmful toxins, and these are ingredients that you definitely want to be staying away from while you are detoxifying your body. 

Have a look through your skin care products and pick a few that don’t contain any harmful preservatives or chemicals to use while you are detoxing. 

Household cleaning products are another culprit when it comes to toxins in the body…

So many of these contain toxic ingredients, and while they aren’t much of a problem in tiny amounts occasionally, people are being exposed to multiple combinations of these toxins routinely. 

From phthalates to ammonia to sodium hydroxide, there are so many chemicals to avoid while detoxing your body. Look for products that do not contain any of these, or make your own if you can’t find any.

There are so many other sources of environmental toxins out there, from cigarette smoke to plastics. Try to be aware of the environment around you while you are detoxing, so that you can limit your exposure to these toxins as much as possible.

Infographic on liver cleansing

Of course, there are things that you can do every evening to rid your body of the toxins that have accumulated on your skin over the course of the day…

Cleansing your skin in the evening is so important, as is exfoliating a couple of times a week.

Face masks are also key when it comes to pulling out the toxins that have started to work their way deeper into your pores. For this, there are two key ingredients that you should be using – clay and charcoal. 

Both of these ingredients bind themselves to toxins and heavy metals, pulling them out of the skin. This is along with the excess oil, dead skin cells and dirt that the ingredients clear away too, meaning that you will notice immediate improvements in your skin after using them.

Get Moving

Many people don’t realize just how important exercise is when it comes to the body’s natural detoxification process…

Sweating is one of the main ways in which your body detoxifies, and exercising encourages your body to sweat. This allows your body to rid itself of so many different toxins, including dangerous heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury. 

Plus, exercise has the added bonus of directly benefiting your skin too. 


In a number of ways, such as: 

  • Enables your skin to rid itself of excess dirt and oil, preventing clogged pores and breakouts 
  • Improves circulation, which allows your skin cells to receive a greater amount of nutrients and oxygen, enabling them to really thrive 
  • Reduces the amount of cortisol in the body, which cuts back on excess oil production and prevents breakouts

Don’t worry, pledging to exercise more doesn’t mean that you need to spend hours at the gym. 

There are plenty of other ways in which you can get your body moving, such as: 

  • Going for a brisk walk through town 
  • Taking a hike through nature 
  • Rock climbing 
  • Horseback riding 
  • Dancing, whether this may be a dance class or in your own living room 
  • Going for a bike ride 
  • Giving yoga a try

There is so much out there that you can do. The important thing is to keep it regular and consistent. 

One thing to keep in mind when detoxing for a set period of time…

Try to keep your exercise moderate, as many people find themselves low on energy while their body is healing and going through a more intense detoxification process. 

Make sure that you focus on your breathing, keeping this long and steady. If you find yourself gasping for air at any point, stop what you are doing immediately so that your body can relax. 

Give Dry Brushing a Try

If you are detoxing your body with the aim of improving your skin, then dry brushing is a step that you will definitely love…

Dry brushing is a technique that has been around for centuries, and involves running a special brush over your skin. 

When it comes to detoxing, dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, enabling it to work more efficiently at removing waste and toxins from the body. This same action strengthens the immune system, meaning that the body will be better equipped to protect itself the next time it is exposed to toxins. 

Not only that, but dry brushing also has a gentle exfoliating effect on the skin, making it effective at clearing away dead skin cells, even for those with sensitive skin.

Now, when it comes to actually using a dry brush, your technique is important…

You need to begin at your feet, as far down as the soles of your feet if you like. 

Make sure that you always move the brush in the direction of your heart, as this is what will have an effect on your circulation and lymphatic system. 

From your feet, move upwards over your legs, arms, stomach, chest and back, making sure that you continue brushing towards your heart. 

Feel free to adjust the pressure of the brush as you make your way across your body. It should be soft enough that the process is comfortable, but firm enough for the brush to actually stimulate your circulation. 

How long should you dry brush for? 

Aim to do this for about three minutes, around three times a week.

Once you are done dry brushing, step into the shower to allow all of those dead skin cells and toxins you have removed to be washed away from your body. 

Make Use of Aromatherapy

While many may be sceptics, aromatherapy has been proven to be able to stimulate lymphatic drainage and aid in body detoxification. 

Not only that, but aromatherapy brings with it a number of other health and skin benefits too, making this a step well worth including in your detoxification plan. 

So, which essential oils are best for detoxification?

These are the oils you should be using: 

  • Grapefruit – supports the body’s detoxification process, especially when it comes to clearing away excess mucus 
  • Peppermint – stimulates the cleansing of the lymphatic system and also decreases inflammation in the body 
  • Lemon – supports the liver in its detoxification processes, while stimulating white blood cells to better protect the body from infections 
  • Juniper – supports liver function while also encouraging the body to eliminate toxic waste

How should you be using these oils? 

Try adding a few drops to a bath, or mixing up your own blend for use in an aroma diffuser. Some oils, such as Juniper, can be added directly to the wrist for maximum detox benefits. 

Breathe Deeply

Your body needs oxygen in order to function. 

Each time you breathe, the oxygen you take in supports your body’s detoxification process, enabling it to cleanse itself, while each breath out expels waste in the form of carbon dioxide. 

Breathing deeply enables your diaphragm to properly expand, which then stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate even more toxins. 

On the other hand, if you tend to breathe in quite a rapid, shallow way, you will find that your lymphatic system ends up stagnant, which results in increased toxins building up in the body. 

It can take some time to teach yourself how to breathe deeply, but, once you get into the habit of doing so, it will start to come naturally. 

Smiling woman at peace, breathing deeply

Begin by spending a few minutes each day focusing on each breath that you take. Inhale until you feel full of hair, before holding this in for a few seconds and then slowly and steadily exhaling. It only takes a few minutes of doing this before you notice how your regular breathing pattern improves too. 

Regularly detoxing your body can make a huge difference to the health and appearance of your skin. While all of the above steps are things that you can do on a regular, daily basis to stay as healthy as possible, try to put more effort into them while detoxing in order to enjoy better results 

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