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Orogold Ingredients – Nutrients



It goes without saying: nutrients are critical for a smooth, beautiful complexion. But did you know that oral supplements aren’t the only form of nutrients that your body can take in? Topical application of nutrients actually helps your skin look healthier and more youthful too. Find out which nutrients are incorporated in OROGOLD products below.  Cream-24K-Caviar


Selenium isn’t just a test scripting language. It’s actually a powerful trace mineral found in foods like Brazil nuts, whole grains, and onions. Thanks to its powerful antioxidant capacities,1 this mineral can help to neutralize free radicals, preventing them from causing oxidative stress to your skin cells.2


If you struggle with acne, then zinc is your mineral best friend. Another trace mineral found in most foods, including pecans, oysters, pumpkin seeds and mushrooms, this mineral is able to stimulate at least 100 different enzymes in your body.3 Not only does Zinc help to fight off harmful UV rays from the sun,4 but it also promotes the regulation of oil production in the skin, leaving you less likely to experience acne breakouts.5



Clinical studies have found what the skin care industry has always known: copper is good for your skin. The critical peptide here is GHK-copper, which improves skin elasticity and suppleness while fighting wrinkles and photo-damage. Another important advantage of copper is its anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to minimize the appearance of the visible signs of skin aging.6 If there was ever a super-nutrient for the skin, copper would be it.


Essential Fatty Acids

More than just emollients or thickening agents, essential fatty acids (EFAs) contribute to skin health by inhibiting inflammation and reducing the symptoms of various skin conditions, including priuritis, erythema, scaling and rosacea.7 Often taken as an oral supplement (think omega-3 and omega-6 supplements in drugstores), it is not commonly known that topical application of EFAs is also tremendously advantageous for skin.8

Among the fatty acids used in OROGOLD products are stearic acid, oleic acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid. Fatty alcohols, which are merely fatty acids exposed to hydrogen, are also widely used in our skin care products. They can be identified by the following names: lauryl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, oleyl alcohol, and cetyl alcohol.


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