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gold facial serum

Orogold Ingredients – The Gold used in OROGOLD

Gold and beauty have always been associated with each other. The use of gold as an ingredient in skin care and beauty goes way back in time, all the way back to the ancients. Although hard proof of when gold was discovered by man is still not available, historians suggest that it was discovered around the year 40000 BC in Spanish caves by Paleolithic Man. Evidence of the use gold can be traced back to the 6000 BC.

However, gold did not become a major ingredient that affected the lifestyles of mankind until the rise of the great Egyptian empire in 3000 BC. Ever since then, gold has been associated with each and every civilization.


Apart from being commonly used in currency, jewelry and ornaments, gold was also used in health and skin care throughout history. This is what made it so special to mankind. It gave the three things that man desires the most – power, wealth and beauty.

The most direct use of gold in skin care can be traced back to the time of Queen Cleopatra, an Egyptian queen who was believed to sleep wearing a gold face mask every night. It is believed that this was the secret behind her exotic beauty and flawless complexion.

The empresses of the ancient Chinese civilizations were also believed to use gold in their skin care routine in order to enhance their beauty.

Today, gold is used for all sorts of applications from engineering to skin care. Gold is a luxurious and popular ingredient. Therefore, it comes as no secret that gold is used in skin care products across the skin care

One of the main reasons why OROGOLD products have enjoyed so much success, acceptance and recognition is our use of gold.

Despite having launched in the year 2008, we have already emerged as one of the leading luxury skin care companies in the beauty and skin care industry that offers gold products.

Our growth has been such that OROGOLD is now present in 20 countries around the world with over 100 retail store locations.

2 thoughts on “The GOLD”

  1. Ann Wells says:

    I purchased Orogold injectable skin tightening for $300, and also a facial mask. I live in Virginia Beach, VA, and shop at Lynhaven Mall, in Virginia Beach. The salesman who approached me was very informed, and very gentle, considerate, and more. I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience with the products and the sales person. I am 63 years old, and have had 3 different kinds of face lifts; two, were surgical, and one was not surgical, but painful. Every spring I use my Brilliant points to purchase juvedurm and botox. The botox only lasts up to 4 months, so this is very expensive for someone on a fixed, retirement income. However, I am a believer in your products! I never believed anything could produce such results as Orogold products, and I would love to spread the word. On another note: I hope you can help me with an issue. The first day I used my injectable serum, I think I broke the pump. I will go to the mall today and bring it to the salesman to see if he can fix it. I did something to the top of the pump, and now too much comes out all at once. I am upset because I just purchased it a few days ago. Overall, I would really like to become more educated on your products and show other women who use cosmetic surgeons for their injectable fillers on a regular basis, as I do. I would love this opportunity! Thank you very much.

  2. Caroline cox says:

    So excited about using your product, the look of it is messermizing. Thanks

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