The Perfect Gifts for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching, falling on Sunday the 16th of June this year.

Still don’t have a gift picked out for your dad yet?

Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas to help you out…

A Virtual Personal Assistant

This may sound complicated, but you’ve probably already heard of the Amazon Echo or Google Home. Well, this is exactly what a virtual personal assistant is.

It’s a specialized piece of technology that can do everything from playing music to telling jokes to controlling different smart items around your house. When you link one of these assistants up to your lights, heating, air conditioning and any other appliances you use on a daily basis, life definitely does become so much more convenient!

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Does this sound like something your father would like?

If so, there are quite a few options available for you to choose from. Each of the virtual assistants out there have their own pros and cons, but the most popular ones are:

  • Alexa – provided by Amazon on the Amazon Echo line of products, Alexa is great at answering questions, playing music and controlling home devices. You are also able to link Alexa up with a variety of third-party apps, meaning that you can use it to phone for an Uber, talk you through a video tutorial, or read out a recipe
  • Google Assistant – available on the Google Home smart speaker, as well as some third-party speakers, Google Assistant is easy to link up to your television, laptop, smartwatch and other devices. It is also more conversational than the other assistants, and can even answer follow-up questions
  • Bixby – you will find Bixby on Samsung devices, with this assistant being especially useful for reminders. Bixby is also good at translations, especially English and Korean, and can do everything from reading QR codes to using your camera to shop 

When deciding which one to pick, have a think about the different things that your father does on a daily basis. This should make it easier to choose a device that he will be able to easily integrate into his life.

Kitchen Gadgets

Does your father love to cook?

If so, an item or two for the kitchen would definitely be appreciated.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Popcorn maker – perfect for fathers who love movie nights
  • Bamboo steamer – ideal for Asian food fans
  • Hand-held immersion blender – will make it much easier for your dad to whip up everything from sauces to protein shakes
  • Knife set – go for carbon steel, as they are much sharper than stainless steel and are also more resistant to rusting
  • Remote meat thermometer – high-tech grillers will love this smart thermometer that will track the temperature of the meat that is cooking
  • Marinade injector – this is used to inject a marinade deep into meat, making it extra juicy and flavorful

Skin Care

Even if your father’s skin care routine consists of not much more than splashing some water on his face, this is still an idea worth considering…

Just about everybody’s skin could do with some extra nourishment, including your father’s. A couple of skin care products designed for the modern man could really make this Father’s Day extra-special.

Not sure where to start when it comes to purchasing skin care for men?

You could take a look at the Sir Collection from OROGOLD. The products are available as an entire collection if you want to splurge, or you could purchase a couple of individual products that you know your dad will use.

Your options are:

  • 24K Sir Eye Balm – has a gel-like consistency that targets fine lines and puffiness around the eyes. Great for fathers whose eyes are starting to show the visible signs of aging
  • 24K Sir Magma Peel – an exfoliating gel that renews the skin and is packed with antioxidants. Great for fathers who live in polluted areas
  • 24K Sir Volcanic Mask – a special self-heating mask that also exfoliates the skin. Great for fathers with an oilier complexion
  • 24K Sir Volcanic Blaze – a serum-like treatment that is designed to be used along with the 24K Sir Volcanic Mask
  • 24K Sir Syringe De-Liner – its syringe applicator enables this formula to directly target individual wrinkles. Great for fathers whose fine lines are beginning to deepen into wrinkles

If you can’t imagine your father using any of those products, the OROGOLD 24K Men’s Aftershave Balm may be a more suitable option. This balm also acts as a moisturizer, making it perfect for nourishing the skin after shaving. 

A Luxury Shaving Kit

Speaking of aftershave…

How about a full, luxury shaving kit for your father?

This gift would be considered especially thoughtful if your father shaves on a regular basis.

Wondering what a luxury shaving kit would actually contain?

This does depend on the exact set you buy, but you can expect to find everything from a high quality razor and soft brush to a shaving bowl and a cologne.

These sets really elevate the whole shaving experience, making it feel so much more indulgent and enjoyable.

A Kindle

Does your father love to read?

While it can sometimes take a while for some to get used to switching from traditional books to a digital device, it really does make life so much easier! This is especially true for fathers who frequently travel – think about how much luggage space he will save!

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If your father already has a Kindle…

Take a look at exactly which device it is that he has.

He would probably love an upgrade, and the newer Kindle models really do have so much to offer. The latest model features bluetooth, plenty of storage, a backlit screen and a fantastic battery life.

Can’t imagine your father ever using a Kindle?

Well, you could always go traditional and get him some real books instead!

A Weighted Cooling Blanket

If you’ve got a dog, then you have likely heard of the ThunderShirt. It’s a special shirt for dogs that targets their pressure points, therefore helping to reduce anxiety and calm the mind.

What does that have to do with Father’s Day?

Because while similar products for humans have also been available for a while now, the new weighted blankets that are on the market are even more beneficial.

Never heard of a weighted blanket before?

They work by pressing the body down, which is also known as earthing. Research has shown that this can actually help to reduce the amount of cortisol (the stress hormone) that flows through your body at night. For those who often experience anxiety or insomnia at nights, this is a fantastic solution. 

Weighted blankets have other benefits too, such as:

  • Nervous system activity – weighted blankets can reduce your nervous system activity, which calms the mind down
  • Sleep quality – studies have shown that a weighted blanket makes it easier for a person to relax and fall asleep, while also improving sleep quality. This means that your father will feel much more refreshed when he wakes up in the morning
  • Mental disorders – in addition to helping to treat anxiety, a weighted blanket can also help with other mental disorders, including OCD, autism, PTSD and bipolar disorder. This is because of the way in which a weighted blanket can increase the amount of serotonin that the brain releases
  • Focus – if your father decides to use the weighted blanket during the day, an increase in focus and concentration is likely to be experienced 

Although a weighted blanket is heavy but not hot, they can still sometimes be a little impractical for the summer months.

This is where the cooling quality comes in…

These cooling weighted blankets will help to keep your father relaxed and refreshed in the heat, while still offering up all of the benefits of a regular weighted blanket.

A Make-Your-Own Kit for the Kitchen

This is another great gifts for fathers who love to cook.

There are so many DIY kits out there for different food items, enabling your dad to really get creative and have some fun in the kitchen.

If your father enjoys making different sauces, purchase him a DIY hot sauce kit. On the other hand, if cheese is what your father loves, a DIY cheesemaking kit will definitely be appreciated.

Does your father prefer getting creative with his drinks rather than his food?

DIY kits for everything from beer to gin are also available, making it easy to find something that your dad will really love.

Don’t forget to stick around on the day that he uses it – after all, you should get a taste too!

A Subscription Box

A subscription box is a gift that just keeps on giving, meaning that your dad will be thanking you throughout the year.

Thanks to the explosion in the popularity of subscription boxes, you will now find subscription boxes containing just about everything you could imagine. This makes it so much easier to find a box that your dad will love.

Wondering what sort of subscription box to go for?

If your father likes a certain type of alcohol, that would be a good box to pick. For example, whisky fans will love a whisky of the month, while wine enthusiasts would appreciate a monthly bottle from a wine club.

Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with a food-related subscription box. From the ever-popular snack boxes to boxes that will make it easy for your father to cook up a gourmet meal in no time at all, these boxes can all usually be customized, so that you can ensure that your dad will love the contents.

A Smartwatch

Does your father wear a watch?

If he does, and it isn’t a smartwatch, then this would really be the perfect gift.

Smartwatches are basically like a mini computer, except one that you wear on your wrist. They can be linked up with your father’s smartphone, meaning that his watch would be able to display his messages, calls and any other notifications. It can even be programmed to display the weather and driving directions, as well as to play music.

Smartwatches are also great for those who are trying to be more health-conscious.


Because they contain sensors that help to track everything from the number of steps taken each day to heart rate and sleep quality.

Yes, many smartphones can do all of this too, but the fact that a smartwatch sits on the wrist throughout the day makes it so much more convenient. The health trackers also tend to be more accurate on a watch compared to a phone, because a watch is constantly placed against the body.

Lazy Sunday Morning Clothes

If your dad likes to relax and take things easy on a Sunday morning, get him a few items that will make his Sunday morning even more indulgent.

A pair of quality, comfortable slippers is a must. Look for a suede or leather pair that also have a fleece or fur lining for added comfort. Slippers that are water-resistant are even better, as this means that your dad will still be able to wear them if he needs to pop out of the house for a couple of minutes.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect slippers, look for a comfy robe or dressing gown to go with them. A soft and luxe fabric is ideal, but make sure it is one that can easily be washed at home.

If you really want to go all out, you could also throw in some pajamas or sweats too!

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your dad just how much he means to you. Father’s Day gifts can be found to suit just about every budget, so whether you want to go big or small this year, these gifts will definitely be so appreciated.